Product Introduction > Jam
Consumer goods : product for general consumers
Institutional goods : confectionery·bakery(including heat-resistant jam), ice cream, yoghurt, etc.

strawberry, apple, blueberry, apricot
bottle, can, pouch bag
Foodwell brand strawberry jam, apple jam Foodwell strawberry jam uses carefully selected fresh material, reduces sugar, and adds more fruit for consumers to taste the freshness of fruit. Foodwell jam doesn't use artificial coloring or preservatives and adds fructooligosaccharide for the health of customers.
Foodwell premium strawberry jam Foodwell premium strawberry jam is produced from environment-friendly non-chemical strawberry. It is produced by a vacuum concentrating method to preserve the original taste and nutrition of nature. Fructooligosaccharide is added for the smooth taste of the concentrated jam, allowing people disliking sweet goods to enjoy taste. Foodwell jam doesn't use artificial coloring or preservatives, making it safe for young children to eat.
Jam gift set
(strawberry, blueberry jam)
This jam gift set is provided for consumers to share the tasty and sweet Foodwell strawberry and blueberry jam with close friends and relatives. It has abundant tasty pulp, and also good for elder people disliking sweet products as a low sugar jam. The gift of Foodwell jam set will make your congratulations and thanks double.
Foodwell jam for institutional purpose is manufactured according to business objectives like confectionery, bakery, cookies, biscuits, etc. The fine flavor and viscosity of fruits can make the good products you want. Natural coloring or flavor can be added in accordance with customer demand while hygiene and stability is adhered.

various fruit including strawberry, apple, apricot, peach, blueberry, chestnut