Product Introduction > Canned·bottled goods
Consumer goods : products for general consumers
Institutional goods : Products are standardized according to purpose of use
Main application - confectionery·bakery, dessert, jelly, ice cream, yogurt, etc.

peach(white peach, yellow peach), apple, grape, chestnut, mandarin orange, sweet potato, pineapple, melon, etc.
Various sizes and kinds(bottle, can, plastic jar)
Foodwell canned·bottled goods use carefully selected material and preserve the fresh taste.
Foodwell brand : canned white peach & yellow peach,
Dongwon brand : canned white peach & yellow peach, canned grape, canned mandarin orange, "freang" in plastic jar(white peach & yellow peach)
Products are manufactured and provided according to the product concept applied to various fields.

canned chestnut, canned peach, canned apple