Product Introduction > Beverage
The state-of-the-art fillers from Italy and Germany are adopted for hygiene and safety. With the approval of ISO 9001/14001, beverages are produced with thorough quality examination allowing consumers to be assured of safety. They are easy to carry and drink in any place, making it more convenient and hygienic to use in time of sporting and having a picnic.
PET bottle products : drinks filled in PET bottles
  Cheer pack products : drinks filled in cheer packs
orange, grape, mandarin orange, mango, pineapple, green tea, pomegranate,coffee, vitamin drink, jelly drink, etc.
various alternatives according to customer demand
PET bottle : products filled in various bottles between 180㎖~2.0ℓ with general cap or push-
full cap 
  Cheer pack : juice or jelly filled in various packs between 80㎖~500㎖