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The R & D Institute that moved its site from Daegu to  Seongnam Gyeonggi-do to reach customers with more ease was approved of a company-attached institute by the Korea Industrial Technology Association in 1998 as a rare case for the small and medium enterprise.

Currently, the R & D Institute performs the research and technical service simultaneously with sales department  to acquire customer's demand from nearby and  reflect these needs effectively.
For this purpose, the institute conducts the research actively in the environment with necessary experimental equipments like OA apparatus, ERP system and pilot system.

As a delivery room of food development, the R & D Institute has the professional manpower of 14 food specialists and 3 food professional engineers, and  contributes to the development of the food industry in Korea. With our philosophy of development with customers, we endeavor to provide customers with good products through exchange of information, joint research and continuous improvement of quality.

Development of new products/improvement of current products/process development, etc. in canned fruit, jam, juice, syrup, puree, juice concentrate, sauce, and etc.
Tasks related with aquisition/provision of technological information, improvement of food safety and hygiene, examination of new equipment, and technical service conforming with customers needs, etc.
Research on fruit specific quality, introduction and application of new techniques, properties of food additives, and processing techniques, etc.
With its 40-year history, Foodwell R & D Institute has structured abundant and diverse database of agricultural products as a living witness of Korea's food processing development. The Institute possesses the technology that can manufacture any kind of products required by customers, and can assist in developing new products and providing new ideas.

The Institute grows with its customers and is always ready to meet customer's needs to endlessly proceed with research for customer satisfaction. The institute will act as a key for solving customer inquiries.

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